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Ebola Horror Could Infect 20,000

Ebola Horror Could Infect 20,000


World Heath Organization makes shocking revelation about plague.

NY Times: As the tally of deaths from the worst known outbreak of the Ebola virus continued its seemingly inexorable rise, the World Health Organization said on Thursday that the epidemic was still accelerating and could afflict more than 20,000 people — almost seven times the current number of reported cases — before it could be…

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Couple Raped Teen To Force Her Into Giving Them Baby

Couple Raped Teen To Force Her Into Giving Them Baby

Pregnant Woman

Couple went after girl in Alabama.

Fox News: Authorities say an Alabama couple tried to obtain a baby by sexually assaulting an underage girl in hopes she’d get pregnant.

Court records show say 29-year-olds Jeremy and Amanda Swann of Jones are charged with rape.

Fox News: Dallas County Investigator Janet Cole tells the Selma Times-Journal the couple propositioned a girl to have sex with the man.…

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Nail Polish Can Detect Date Rape Drugs

Nail Polish Can Detect Date Rape Drugs

Undercover Colors Nail Polish

Interest skyrockets after students reveal new product.

Fox News: Your nail polish may soon be able to do more than just make a fashion statement.

The innovative new polish called Undercover Colors would work by changing color when it comes in contact with any date rape drug, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. The hope is that a woman will be able to check the safety of a drink by…

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Teen: Restaurant Bosses Forced Me To Give Sexual Hugs Or They’d Fire Me

Teen: Restaurant Bosses Forced Me To Give Sexual Hugs Or They’d Fire Me

Teen describes sexually charged workplace, forced behavior.

EEOC Press Release: Sal’s Mexican Restaurant in Fresno, Calif., has settled a sexual harassment charge with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for $15,000, the federal agency announced today. The EEOC had charged that the restaurant subjected a teenaged hostess to sexual harassment.

According to the EEOC, a…

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Lawsuit: Strip Club Forced Teen Into Prostitution

Lawsuit: Strip Club Forced Teen Into Prostitution


Family seeks money for club accused of child sex trafficking.

Courthouse News: A Rhode Island strip club forced a 14-year-old girl “to perform illegal commercial sex acts” for 5 months – and charged her for the privilege, the girl and her mother claim in court.

The Aug. 21 federal lawsuit contains a welter of grim allegations against multiple defendants.

The Jane Doe mother and daughter claim…

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Dominican Republic Bans Miley Cyrus

Dominican Republic Bans Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

The government of the Dominican Republic has banned Miley Cyrus from performing in that country.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Dominican Republic’s government commission that oversees public performances said Cyrus could not make a scheduled September 13 concert.

They said Cyrus “undertakes acts that go against morals and customs, which are punishable by Dominican law.”

Other acts…

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Porn Star Plans Sex Marathon Fundraiser

Porn Star Plans Sex Marathon Fundraiser

Zoé Zebra

Zoé Zebra

Zoé Zebra plans to use money from event to buy breast implants.

Ottawa Citizen: “A Quebec porn star’s planned sex marathon to fund her breast implants was denounced by Gatineau’s mayor Wednesday.

Zoé Zebra, 22, is planning the event — dubbed “Boule-O-thon” — in a trailer next to Club 77, a strip club on the city’s Main St., on Sept. 5.

Her goal, according to the event’s Facebook page,…

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Rupert Murdoch Rage Over Leaks Showing Aussie Newspaper Revenue Collapse

Rupert Murdoch Rage Over Leaks Showing Aussie Newspaper Revenue Collapse

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch

Mogul threatens legal action over unauthorized leaks.

Sydney Morning Herald: “News Corp Australia has told rival media organisations it will take ‘appropriate action’ against any person or publication publishing stories with the contents of a leaked internal document that showed The Australian haemorrhaged $27 million in financial year 2013.

The accounts – known inside News Corp as…

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Study: 50 Shades Of Grey Fans Linked To Unhealthy Behaviors

Study: 50 Shades Of Grey Fans Linked To Unhealthy Behaviors


Study found eating disorders, abusive partners.

MSU Today: “Young adult women who read “Fifty Shades of Grey” are more likely than nonreaders to exhibit signs of eating disorders and have a verbally abusive partner, finds a new study led by a Michigan State University researcher.

Further, women who read all three books in the blockbuster “Fifty Shades” erotic romance series are at increased risk…

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Beyonce Cleared In Cuba Trip Dust-Up

Beyonce Cleared In Cuba Trip Dust-Up

Beyonce & Jay-Z in Cuba

Beyonce & Jay-Z in Cuba

Power couple wasn’t in violation of law.

The Guardian: “American music industry power couple Beyonce and Jay Z did not violate US sanctions on Cuba by traveling to the communist-ruled island last year, a US government review has found.

‘We found no indication that US sanctions were violated, and we concluded that the … decision not to pursue a formal investigation was…

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